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3738 W. Princeton Circle
Denver, CO 80236
Weekdays 7:30am to 4:30pm

Phone: (303) 761-6703
Fax: (303) 762-2181

Denver Health

Mental Health Services
(303) 602-HELP (4357)

Emergency Mental Health Services: (303) 602-7221

Centennial Peaks Hospital

2255 S. 88th Street
Louisville, CO 80027
Phone: (303) 673-9990
Fax: (303) 673-9703

West Pines Behavioral Health

3400 Lutheran Parkway
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Admissions & Referrals
Phone: (303) 467-4080
Fax: (303) 467-4042

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Substance Abuse Recovery Program for Women and Families
Give us a call at (303) 436-5699 to set it up today.

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New Patients

Suboxone Treatment

Make time for your better life. New patient intakes are by appointment only. We offer suboxone treatment & much more.

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We offer individual, family, and group therapy, and a variety of other options to ensure that your treatment is effective.

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Treatment costs vary from program to program. We do our best to keep our prices reasonable so you can get the care you need.

Schedule Patient Intake

New patient intakes are by appointment only. Give us a call at 303-222-4451 to set it up today.



I tried every treatment center on the Front Range and I just couldn’t seem to get my life together. When my friend recommended Options Treatment Center I was skeptical, but the near immediate relief I got from suboxone combined with insightful individual therapy sessions with Corey, I’m now 6 months opiate free. I’m finally in control again!

Finally in control again!

I was tired of my physical pain after my car accident, and of being treated like a criminal by my doctor. So I started managing my pain on the street. I’m grateful that the counselors at Options Treatment Center really listened to me when I needed it most! Now my road to recovery is finally headed in the right direction.

Counselors who really listen
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