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We offer a personal touch

We often hear from patients that have gone to other Opioid Treatment Programs that they feel like they are treated like cattle. Another number to raise their profits. Don’t ask us, ask the clients who have transferred to our clinic. Patients tell us that they were constantly disrespected and yelled at by staff at some clinics. And as for owners of other clinics knowing each of their patients, forget about it!!! Our owner makes it his mission to have personal investment in each patient.

We offer a personal touch

Some of the larger treatment programs in the state do NOT accept Medicaid.

  • We offer that personal touch to your care that you are looking for.
  • We provide graduate level mental health clinicians to work with you on your addiction related issues.
  • We are located on a medical campus, which reinforces one’s experience that this is truly a medical condition. A wonderful, professional location experience.
  • Studies are beginning to show that abstinence-based programs are actually not all that effective. Abstinence based programs are your 28 to 30-day inpatient rehab facilities. Options Treatment is a Harm Reduction program that encourages abstinence but does not mandate it. Addiction recovery is a process and takes time.
  • We provide an authentic community feel to your treatment.
  • We accept some major insurances for your treatment.
  • We have a great staff that is genuinely caring, kind, and compassionate.
  • Some treatment programs are so big, people get lost in the shuffle. That doesn’t happen with us.
  • We are an outpatient care treatment facility. The evidence is showing us that outpatient care is just as, if not more effective than inpatient care. It can also help you or your loved ones save thousands of dollars!


I tried every treatment center on the Front Range and I just couldn’t seem to get my life together. When my friend recommended Options Treatment Center I was skeptical, but the near immediate relief I got from suboxone combined with insightful individual therapy sessions with Corey, I’m now 6 months opiate free. I’m finally in control again!

Finally in control again!

I was tired of my physical pain after my car accident, and of being treated like a criminal by my doctor. So I started managing my pain on the street. I’m grateful that the counselors at Options Treatment Center really listened to me when I needed it most! Now my road to recovery is finally headed in the right direction.

Counselors who really listen

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New patient intakes are by appointment only.

Give us a call at 303-222-4451 to set it up today.